Mobility, urban and in sparsely populated areas

Innovative solutions for infrastructure to facilitate for different kinds of transportation are absolutely necessary in coming years to solve transport systems in cities and regions to build sustainable, efficient and pleasant areas.

These mobility issues become critical due to the growing number of online purchases, the sustainability enquires, the need of expanded mobility and new possibilities with high speed communication infrastructure. To meet needs and demands mobility expands into the air rapidly. Advanced Innovative Air mobility becomes reality now.


Smart, digital and environmentally friendly

The Testbed Air Mobility is under development for R&D, demonstration and testing of new features for the future autonomous mobility infrastructure and will constitute a unique environment for increased innovation power and technology development.

The Testbed will enable development of new features for the todays Airports to tomorrows Vertiports with both manned and unmanned advanced air traffic, from components to a complete system-by-system and fully expanded ecosystem, taking into account the development of regulations and standards.


Development of innovative Air Mobility

The first use-case in the Testbed is an application with scenarios for Last Mile Delivery solutions which will constitute a relevant use case to demonstrate digital infrastructure, security solutions and regulatory requirements for autonomous vehicles in an urban environment.

The Testbed will continuously grow over time to be able to include the complete UTM / ATM integration in a digital infrastructure and more solutions for the future Airport and infrastructure.